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General Forums
General Discussion (730 Viewing)
Whatever's on your mind. General Discussion about any non-firearms related topics.
30,276 636,451
The home for topics everyone can disagree about and get into heated arguments over.
37,887 624,098
Parts, Tools, Techniques etc.. for Building, Modifying and Repairing AK Rifles.
21,678 256,079
Marketplace (1049 Viewing)
The place to buy, sell or trade AKs, ammunition, and accessories. The Bazaar of The Files!
80,062 380,146
Ammunition (352 Viewing)
Technical information regarding reloading, performance, MilSurp characteristics, etc...
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4,908 85,439
Optics (158 Viewing)
Various and sundry scopes and mounts for the AK and friends.
2,262 22,585
Gear & Accessories (184 Viewing)
Web Gear, Pouches, Holsters, Slings, BDU's, Etc.. The gear that goes with your AK.
3,040 38,916
RKBA and Legal (42 Viewing)
The Second Amendment, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Rules and Laws affecting Gun Owners. Your Rights, and how to build a COMPLIANT rifle.
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984 11,800
It's the end of the world as we know it.. who's got the beer?
1,049 22,547
Rifle Forums
General Rifle Discussion (546 Viewing)
General discussion about AKs and other, lesser, guns.
6,894 123,000
AK-47s (1666 Viewing)
The one. The only. The original 7.62x39 assault rifle. Plus the myriad of copies and variants, great and small.
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14,724 276,892
AK-74s (286 Viewing)
5.45mm Poison bullets. AK-47's little brother. Russia's answer to the 5.56. Oh... and the .223 copies, too.
4,552 79,146
Sometimes it is possible to improve perfection.
537 6,012
Krinkovs (168 Viewing)
Got an itty bitty baby AK? Cool.
2,197 36,029
Saigas and VEPRs (204 Viewing)
Americanized AKs.
2,628 33,778
Shotguns (37 Viewing)
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112 3,279
Yes, we know they aren't AKs... but close enough.
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1,187 14,059
Mosin Nagants (49 Viewing)
The classic Russian battle rifle.
1,765 21,316
SVDs and RomAK IIIs (70 Viewing)
Reach out and touch someone.
by vtb
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2,716 38,026
RPKs and RPDs (23 Viewing)
When 30 rounds just isn't enough.
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883 9,824
Full Autos (21 Viewing)
Rock 'n Roll, Russian style.
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171 2,631
AR15 / AR10 (49 Viewing)
That little black rifle and it's variants.
166 3,815
Handgun Forums
Tokarevs, Nagant & other Combloc Handguns
1,925 29,782
Vendor Discussion Forums
Discussion about AK parts, receivers and accessories and the Manufacturers, Vendors and Gunsmiths who make them.
509 5,107
Atlantic Firearms (13 Viewing)
Atlantic Firearms - Offering a Wide Variety of AK47 & Other Military Type Firearms.
56 519
Palmetto State Armory (6 Viewing)
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4 127
APEX Gun Parts (3 Viewing)
APEX Gun Parts - Gun parts, Magazines, Accessories and Optics for all Firearms
33 199
Bowman Arms (4 Viewing)
Direct importer of European machine gun parts kits, mags, accessories; inert ordnance.
21 121
Bump Fire Systems - Manufacturer of the Bump Fire Stocks. The feel of automatic fire.
by Galily
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2 26
Circle 10 AK (4 Viewing)
Circle 10 AK - Dealer and Manufacturer of High-Quality Custom AK's and accessories
27 226
Dan FS71 (1 Viewing)
5 57
Echo 93 - Sling Adapters and other accessories for your AK!
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14 103
Jemak Firearms (2 Viewing)
Jemak Firearms - Hand-built custom AKM's, AK74's, and other variants
8 45
K-VAR (22 Viewing)
AK Kits, Parts, Magazines and Optics.
by Shinpu
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592 4,404
Lee Armory (7 Viewing)
Lee Armory - AK's, RPK's, Custom Builds, Dealer Sales
16 112
Legion USA (3 Viewing)
Legion USA - A one stop shop for the AK enthusiast. We offer firearms, parts, and full installation services.
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7 127
Manticore Arms (2 Viewing)
Manticore Arms - Accessories and upgrades for the AK, AR, AUG, and Tavor
by dawg180
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13 96
Safecastle (8 Viewing)
Safecastle Leading crisis preparedness provider: steel plate shelters, storage food, survival gear
32 696
Sheepdog Concept (1 Viewing)
Sheepdog Concept - 02/07 FFL-SOT specializing in post sample MG's, suppressor's, custom builds/engraving.
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5 19
Shore Tactical - Dealer and Manufacturer of a wide range of products for AK47/74 , Vepr and other rifle types.
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7 25
Supplying Patriots (1 Viewing)
M1A M14, AR, AK Parts & Accessories
Never 0 0
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