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Techno 11-22-2017 11:55 PM

BLACKEST FRIDAY Sale 30% off until Monday 27th or we run out
The Holidays are here, everyone is on a tight budget and wants to help make this the Blackest Friday yet... This will be the last sale of the year, the next chance will be July 4th 2018. We will run this sale until the current batch runs out or Monday 12:00 noon. Whichever comes first...

30% off any order over $50.00, if you mention in your order that you are a files member I will include half a bottle of lab grade denatured alcohol. If you order 240mL I will give you 120mL for example.

Link to my site:

Techno 11-27-2017 04:27 PM

I extended this offer to midnight tonight for cyber Monday. —— Some guys were out of town with family & just heard about the sale so I wanted everyone to get a chance.

I will have to cut it off at midnight - I’ll get orders shipped before I leave tomorrow for the:

SAR West Gun show this weekend in Phoenix AZ.

This is THE gun show for people who build guns, are into NFA gear etc. It isn’t a regular lame gun show.

I will be set up inside the SAR Vendor area with a big vinyl sign where all the NFA vendors, parts kits/parts vendors are. APEX will be there, as will a lot of other big names.

If your trying to find me this weekend just hit me on FB. We will have a group of AK vendors in one area selling built AK’s, parts, web gear, etc etc. I will have my paint, and some of the guns I built on display... none for sale though.

Rev06 01-22-2018 03:16 AM

Thanks for this promotion

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