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High end guns cater to particular users. The price difference comes from higher end materials (stronger and lighter), better triggers, sub-MOA barrels, better stocks, ambi-controls, special finishes on the BCG and better overall fit& finish. Most of the parts are built in house as well which allows tighter control of part tolerance. CS is usually a step above the competition as well.

Does anyone need this stuff to the rifle to function? No. Are they any more reliable than a standard AR? In some aspects, yes. Go take some training classes and you'll see that people with DD, Larue, KAC, etc rifles almost never have problems.

Some people need or want these add-ons for any number of reasons. Some just think they are more badass because they spent more. Other people need a consistent sub-MOA gun so they need high end barrels and triggers. Other people take them out for duty and need more robust parts and need the fancy coatings on the BCG to help with reliable cycling when they start getting dirt/dust int he rifle. Some people dont have room for a lot of different types of ARs so they build 1 or 2 rifle that have all the bells and whistles.
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