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Originally Posted by Aceshigh View Post
I agree ^ above that the Anderson ......I wouldn't buy their LPK's.

They make a very good mil-spec base of upper and lower receiver but that's as far as I would go with Anderson.
These lowers are the lowest cost, and meet the requirements which I haven't seen any particular reason to
spend 2-5x as much on in yielding any reasonable improvements anywhere

I spend more $$$ on the crucial parts like barrel, and BCG, and I always get Nickel Boron LPK's with improved combat trigger from Rguns.
Worst LPK experience I have ever had. Kicker is, it was going into an Anderson Lower.

I literally threw that POS away. The springs and that silver trigger group were awful. I went and bought a CMMG LPK and it went together no hassle.

There was a noticeable difference in quality.
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