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Originally Posted by RMiller View Post
This is a subjective topic. Plain and simple.

I've bought cheap # Anderson, DPMS, Palmetto
I've bought "name" brand # Daniel Defense, Noveske, BCM
You often get what you pay for. #Meaning paying a little more for something from a company with a reputation of quality control will often be worth it.

Buy quality items with a good reputation and you'll often be ok. It will fit, function, and last. # Echoes from above. I have used quite a few brands. I have never had an issue with BCM. I have had issues with Anderson. PSA has been hit or miss. DPMS and CMMG makes some good items.

Buy cheap, and most times you'll regret it. # (Lets use LPK's as an example), I regret ever buying an Anderson LPK. Everything was horrible. In comparison, DPMS, PSA, CMMG LPK's have been great.
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If you don't get that the bolded words don't really mean anything without context, then I don't know what to tell you.

Screw it. Maybe The items in blue with spark some questions.
Is it just me, or are the roots a little thirsty?

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