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Default Replied PM's Not Updating in "Master" PM Thread

Hi Mods,
I hope this is posted in the right place. I used the search function with a slew of keywords and still no luck finding any info on it. Checked the stickies in this forum and couldn't find anything.

I started a PM thread with another AKFiles member, after he responded, my replies to that message are not updating to the main PM thread in my inbox.... is this normal?

At first, I thought the message failed to send but noticed the number of messages in my inbox was increasing. I can only see the messages in the "Sent Items" folder. I used the "Reply" function so it should still be part of the same PM thread. I haven't had this issue on other forums run by vBulletin, but maybe it's just set this way for AK Files.

I just want to be sure my PM's are going through!

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They are. It's pretty archaic and takes a while to get used to.

Just wait until it fills up and you'll really be pissed.
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