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I don't think you can beat the PO 4x17 for price to performance on any AK74, meaning AK105 or AKSU for example, and/or firing commercial ammo of any type. It's a solid optic with extremely good glass and is not expensive.

For a fullsize AK74 firing 7N6 the PO 4x17 is unbeatable, period. The reticule is better designed for the AK74, no compromising or guessing on the BDC. The reticule is better for precision shooting as well, and IMO seems as good as the ACOG for both eyes open close range shooting.
Glass quality is just as good as BTO or ACOG. It sits as low or lower than any other option, especially if mounted directly on the TWS or ZenitCo topcover.

That said the BTO is the sexier optic but is twice the cost. You aren't getting twice the optic out of it though. I can't find anything not to like about my BTO and actually love it more than my ACOG, but all subjective feelings aside it's simply not twice as good. Neither is my TA33-GH

You will usually have a much better warranty with BTO or ACOG but depending on who you buy the PO 4x17 from you may also have just as good a warranty. For example, my PU 1-4 is a $1400 optic and I have no direct access to NPZ but Kalinka is going to warranty it because it has a factory defect. That is not always possible though, but you could have some form of warranty depending on the seller.

In fact the only high end Russian optic I have had an issue with is PU 1-4. One person I heard in the past had damaged reticule on his Kashtan, and our shooting buddy Auzie had a nut snap off his PO 4x24P2. I myself have only had problems with a PK-A original back in the day, the black civilian model with MTK83 mount.

Otherwise I have actually had more RMA's on my BTO and ACOGs than any other Russian optic. However, the customer service with Browe or Trijicon is unbeatable and they will make it right. When you spend that much for an optic that is extremely important, so I am happy to report that I have fully functional BTOs and ACOGs despite some issues when I first got each of them.


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What he said.

Originally Posted by chile1 View Post
between these three which is the best in your opinion:

PO 4x17

i'm trying to pull the trigger and just can't seem to decide which to go with...
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Just pulled the trigger on the BTO w/crosshairs and w/blue illumination.
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there is already an optic made by trijicon with a low pro bottom that fits directly onto the rs regulate mount and doesn't give you an annoying chin weld....Trijicon 3x24 acog....they make them specifically for 762x39 bdc and 5.56 (which can be used to an extent with 5.45)
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Yes that's also fantastic news! I hope to get my hands on the new 1.5X model personally
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499 delivered on amzon hmmmm......
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