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Default Replacement stock for a Norinco Sporter

I have one of the Chinese SKS'es that were modified to accept AK47 magazines. I bought this thing way back before all the assualt weapons ban & 933r madness was even thought of. At any rate I'm looking for a replacement stock. I've seen oodles of SKS stocks for the standard SKS'es, but I haven't seen any for the Norincos that can take AK mags. Do any of you folks have a source for them? Are there any BATF implications with putting a scary black gun type stock on this gun (i.e. pistol grip, folder, etc...)?
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If you "assemble" (put on a stock) a rifle that would be unimportable (pistol grip plus detachable mag might be enough, bayonet would surely push it over) it needs 4-5 US parts to keep it under 10 imported parts.

A wooden stock needs to be relieved at the front of the magazine well, but otherwise, the stocks are the same.

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